Heat damage has to be a naturalista’s worst nightmare. Not only is it often irreversible, but it’s also stressful on our tresses. Blow drying and flat ironing can also be time-consuming and let’s not forget about dealing with the anxiety while we wait for our hair to revert. If you are so over it, let us tell you about a technique we are currently love.

African Threading is a great way to stretch your hair with no heat. It won’t make your hair pin straight, but for a blown out look, this is our current go-to method.

We have been talking with natural hair stylist Comfort of Simply Comfort Hair. She tells us everything there is to know about the technique and its origins

What is African threading?
African Hair Threading is a traditional method of threading (banding) your natural hair to achieve a beautiful hair style or a stretched Afro.

Why does it benefit afro hair types?
African Hair Threading is a protective style that encourages your creativity and a heat-free method of stretching natural Afro hair. It can be used on all hair types and textures, short or long.

How do you feel about heat styling?
Heat styling, although familiar and widely used, can cause damage to natural afro hair. This is because our unique texture can be compromised. This results in dry hair, especially on the ends. Heat damaged hair cannot revert to its natural texture, except following a big chop. However, with just water, you can stretch the hair with the threading method so that it will revert undamaged.

What is the best thread to use?
In Nigeria, we use two different types of threads. A glossy plastic-like thread, commonly used to style children’s hair or for an added shine. We also use a matte, thinner thread. Avoid the use of wool as this leaves hair dry.

How long should you leave the threading in for?
I have had African Hair Threading as both protective style and to stretch my hair. As a style, I have my Threading for a maximum of 1 week. For the later, you can leave it on for 10mins to a couple of hours depending on the texture you wish to achieve. The longer you leave it, the more stretched your outcome. You will need to lightly spray your hair with water if it looks or becomes dry.

This is a great technique for blending your hair with Kurly Klips, particularly the Blowout collection. It can also be used to stretch the My Fro collection. Just thread your Kurly Klips for the blown out look without damaging the curl pattern.

Just wrap the thread around your clips. The longer you leave the hair threaded, the more stretched the hair will become. Happy stretching!